Monday, March 18, 2019

By the lake again - Victory in 2019 home opener - TFC 3 NE Revs 2

Home opener #TFCLive 
At sunset it seemed super chilly and frostbite was on my mind. Turned out to be an entertaining, warming game. Lack of harsh wind was a positive factor. March nights are still a crazy choice for game starts. The last Sunday night of March Break just seems designed to keep kids and families at home.

The early penalty kick call was clear cut (right below section 220). I am a huge fan of Chris Mavinga. @Chris_Mavinga is fantastic at tackles, but Bunbury had him on the backside. A defending blip, Bono needs to OWN the defending zone. Boss the moment, but Mavinga is going to Mavinga

 I feel that Osorio is the player most missing Seba, Osorio could read the Seba landscape and now seems lost. Fingers crossed that adding Alejandro Pozuelo sparks both #TFCLive  and Osorio in the months ahead.

Ayo Akinola !!! I have been bleating for too long that the Toronto attack lacks players who gleefully take on defenders, create a sliver of space and shoot. Ayo Akinola's goal was all those things. More Akinola please.
1st half Bradley played way back, even seemed a defender at times. Thought that trapped midfield, @OsoJ92 , @jaychappers and @justmorrow worked well together, both goals came from the left side. Expecting a more central attack option when Pozuelo added.
 Good to see @jayhams score with a swift finish. Honestly thought it was going to be called back -offside. So unused to #TFCLive  getting a friendly ref decision at a critical moment. Even a yellow to NE player for complaining (after half time break). New era?

The 2nd NE goal a defender misplay, but I also think that @Alex25Bono needs to be more assertive, stepping towards the shot instead of shot blocking. Might have been caught by the misplay anyway, but he needs to develop his boss style not just athletic skills

Then cue   the Hollywood finish, the emergence of @JozyAltidore from the tunnel, his warm up built anticipation, Bradley to Morrow, then thanks to Akinola's angle, Jozy free in front of the net and it was done. @JozyAltidore 's goal was a triumph, his celebration raised the temperature of a cold night. #TFCLive  2019 is off to a hot start. This is a group with something to prove. Exciting games ahead as Ontario finally warms into Spring.

Keep kicking...

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