Monday, December 10, 2007

in the bleak mid-winter..

December has been a cruel month. The TFC news has been meagre. The expansion draft took Chris Pozniak off to California. I think that his contributions to the squad have been inflated the moment he was an ex-Red, but he left behind moments to cherish. It was his pass to Colin Samuel that set up the goal in LA and Dichio's last minute/last game goal was the result of Pozniak's sacrifice. It is always hard to begrudge a move that could enhance a career.
Then there was the release of Braz, Reda and every one else way down the bench. No surprises there.

The team has given the opening 2008 dates so that the countdown can begin.
First road game vs Columbus on March 29th
Second road game vs DC United on April 5th

First home game vs Real Salt Lake on Saturday April 19th.