Friday, December 13, 2013

Tim Bez continues TFC - summary of the week

GM Tim Bez introduces Gilberto

Wow. It is has been a week of frenzied activity in TFC land. I blogged about the trade for Jackson, but then thought it best to let the week roll by and then sum it up at the end. Then TFC introduced their new Designated Player Gilberto at a Friday afternoon press conference making my lazy plan look smart.

Gilberto is 24. He is Brazilian and is a striker. He appears to have scoring abilities and potential. So many of TFC's problems in 2013 were due to lack of scoring. Gilberto is expected to be the second fiddle striker. The first fiddle is still to be revealed.

I have forgotten the order of things, so here goes.

-TFC trade Stefan Frei to Seattle for a 2015 draft pick. No fan liked the move, but I give credit to the new GM that he was classy in his statement.

“Parting with a player of Stefan’s caliber and character is always difficult, but as we move forward with our re-shaping of the Club, it is important that we have increased flexibility to make additional moves. This trade provides us with that flexibility,” said Toronto FC General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko. “Stefan is a great player and an even better person who will always hold a special place in the Club’s history. We wish him all the best as he moves on to the next stage of his career.”

-TFC traded with Dallas for midfielder Jackson. A young Brazilian player with a few years in the MLS. Hope he makes friends with Gilberto. Hope he is able to improve his goals to cards ratio.

-TFC traded away Bobby Convey to New York. TFC gets a better pick in the college draft next month as a result of this.

The first round of the re-entry draft went by this week and TFC did not make a selection. The first round is the one where a team would have to honour the existing contract. Next week round two arrives and that one allows you flexibility in contracts. Nana Attakora is available from San Jose. I wonder if he gets a chance at redemption?

Stay tuned for developing roster news. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

TFC trades for Jackson

Not the first Jackson around here

TFC might have gained their first official new player for 2014 today in a trade for Jackson, a midfielder from Dallas.
I am not yet dancing in the streets. Didn't TFC trade for a Brazilian midfielder with KC last winter? An Oscar who never played a minute for Toronto? Here's hoping Jackson contributes more than that. Today was the first day for MLS trades following the Cup. TFC wasted no time.