Tuesday, April 3, 2018

First MLS win 2018 TFC 3 RSL 1

Toronto FC put some worries to bed as they landed a victory in their third MLS game of 2018. The fans knew that Champion’s League games were getting in the way. Columbus and especially Montreal had taken advantage.

Hard to decide whether the win was due to Toronto FC’s quality or RSL’s lack of it. Not that TFC were undeserving, but they were able to dominate with a patchwork line up.

I have the luxury of writing this post after knowing that TFC win their Tuesday CCL home game against Club America. 

So TFC now face, perhaps, the biggest game in their history.

still kicking...

Ashtone Morgannnnnnnnn TFC 3 Club America 1

Yes, it is very possible that Liga MX teams come to Toronto expecting that TFC will collapse at the very sight of them.
Maybe it is the cold rain, the shaky pitch conditions and howling Toronto fans.

Or, damn it, TFC works hard, plays beautifully and gets it done. They have the CCL gear that has them heading next week to Mexico City in (almost) the best position possible. That Club America away goal must present a challenge for TFC. It would be chilling if CA considered that the sole target for the trip.

Yes, I continue to watch streamed from afar. This time around in Arizona. The broadcast with go90 is an excellent production. Solid knowledge of both teams. 

Toronto looks cold on tv.
Bradley was a beast.
Altidore was a hurricane. 
Osorio and Delgado worked their tails off.
Auro,  Zavaletta and van der Wiel were solid. 

Keeping my worries about Moor to myself.
And Toronto was playing without Vazquez, Morrow and Mavinga!

Ashtone Morgan ! He was going and going. My only complaint with Coach Vanney on the night was not subbing Ashtone out with a minute or two to go so that he could have an ovation all to himself.

Still  I will be terrified, TERRIFIED about the second leg game at the Azteca Stadium. 
Get TFC down there tomorrow to get working at altitude.

Get Mavinga and Morrow and Vazquez healthy. Thank you DC United for letting TFC have these days to prepare.

Keep cheering. Keep hoping. Keep plugging 

and score early...

And to think I thought this was a lead TFC could not hold...