Friday, July 13, 2012

Greatest trade in TFC history - JDG to Dallas

My birthday present....

Here is what I wrote on facebook,

Not at all sorry to see him go, other than taking up a roster spot, a DP spot and demonstrating no impact in attack or defending, and managing to survive (or contribute to) how many front office shake-ups, the JDG with TFC era is finally, finally over! I will wish for him equal to the entertainment and skills he displayed for us at BMO....

Dallas is sending Andrew Wiederman to Toronto. Talk about arriving in town with low expectations, I would have been thrilled if they had traded JDG for a bag of balls.
But, oh the memories...... rare shots that seemed like attempts to reach Lake Ontario, needless, pointless yellow cards because JDG had been caught out and was flying in late, jumping out of the wall to allow a Colorado goal in Colorado, getting pushed around, sitting on the bench...
Will TFC fill the DP spot? Will these recent moves (Plata loan, Soolsma dropped, JDG traded) mean new faces in TFC red and grey?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A new wrinkle by the lake, a comeback TFC 3 Whitecaps 2

Due to a wonderful weekend travelling to Massachusetts, I was spared the bother of watching TFC stumble against Philly 3-0. So I may have had a more optimistic mindset than many at BMO Field tonight.  It seemed subdued before the game, the crowd had a lack of energy and little anticipation. It seems that shifting TFC from the team that always loses to the team that most of the time ties has yet to set the city ablaze...
So a clunky first half went plodding by. JDG gets a so-so shot on net and some easily impressed fans actually applaud. I attribute it to the shock. Frings shoots wide (although he might have been trying to get the ball into Koeverman's path for redirection) and a small ripple of appreciation is detected. Then Ryan Johnson does everything but score and you start thinking that perhaps there is a curse (or as a wise observer stated nearby, Johnson has been playing 90 minutes a game all year and has two goals to show for it, not exactly an efficient strike rate).
The goals began to flow in the second half. Frings scored off of a blazing shot, a little tarnished by the fact that Whitecaps' Young Pyo Lee was off the field having his arm bandaged during the TFC attack. I don't think either side was fully aware of it at the time.
Maybe I am too red to be a fair judge, but I thought that both Vancouver goals were dodgy. The first was due to inept TFC defending in their own goal mouth, the second sure seemed to be based on the Vancouver forward hitting his knees into the back of the TFC defender (Logan Emory's) head to knock him down and aid him with getting to the ball.
I think that it was classless that upon scoring the tying goal a couple of the Whitecaps ran over to the TFC supporters' corner and celebrated. I was cheering on the beer chuckers. I just don't understand how in a game where taking off your shirt in celebration means a yellow, why such provocation is not punished.
I guess it was punished on the scoreboard. Dunfield puts the Frings corner kick into the back of the net in the final seconds of the game and we leave the place smiling. TFC faces New England in Massachusetts this Saturday. If something is brewing with the Reds it will be a great chance to redeem the team after the last minute goal for the tie when the Revolution where at BMO.