Monday, January 23, 2012

TFC still subtracting from roster as training camp looms...

TFC training camp opens this week and it would be great to feel that anticipation for a new season rising in one's heart. New season, new faces would be a great motto for TFC to adopt. Toronto certainly seems to have roster spots available.
In the month of January we have spent more time waving goodbye than waving hello. Thanks for the memories goes out to the following players. Make that a tiny wave and a little thanks for the memories.

Mikael Yourasskowsky (released). You always felt that if he started to pursue goals the way he pursued yellow cards, he had a chance to amount to something. He joins an unfortunate group - TFC players who managed to score only one goal while wearing Toronto red and gray.
Andy Iro (contract offer declined) Sigh....I know he was a disaster. He was always a giveaway just waiting to happen. Yet he was the one MLS player that I had coveted from afar. Hope he finds a team (Andy Boyens is still playing in the MLS, so hope always remains). I hope Iro matures and turns into a player, yet reverts to his Toronto ways when he plays against Toronto.
Peri Mirosevic (contract offer declined) Some saw his potential, I can't say I was in that group. Scoring a goal in his first game was a good move, but after that he never seemed to find his spot in the midfield. Perhaps he was more suited to a classic 4 midfielder set-up.  Now we await the names of signings and players on trial. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plata signs with TFC

There was good news coming out of the TFC universe today as Joao Plata left the loan category and signed for Toronto. The deal was described as "multi-year" and no dollar amount was mentioned.
I like Plata, you have to admire the energy and dedication that he brings to the field. I am still convinced that he should be used as a super sub more often. Adding him fresh, late in the game, has to pay off with goals.
Seems like I am overdue with mentioning some of the off-season news of recent weeks.
- TFC to play the March Champions League game inside the Rogers Centre. I thought this was inevitable once Rogers was part of the purchase of MLSE. I have my tickets and hope for the best, but that dome inspires dullness and the turf surface is never a treat.
- College and Gen Adidas draft is tomorrow. TFC have both the 4th and 12th pick in the first round. I would like to think TFC will find a player in the draft, but the  Toronto record on drafting is questionable. When you cheer for a team that has only two on the roster (Frei and Plata) that were drafted by Toronto. Those two players are outnumbered by roster players who were recent drafts for other MLS teams and then found their way to Toronto through trades (Avila, Hall, Marosevic and Iro spring to mind).
- Of course there is plenty of room on the TFC training camp roster for draft picks to take since the end of last season meant the release of Martina, Omphroy, Gold, Viator, Davies, Zavarise and Griffit. Departures do not always add up to vacancies on the team. There were players with season ending injuries and that leads to an expanded roster. More tomorrow.