Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blah, blah, blah - blah, blah, blah TFC loses

Game on and empty seats outnumber fans on east side.

What a horrible game on display at BMO today.  Yes folks, it's 2012, the season of ever shrinking expectations. If you go to the stadium hoping to see new lows, this is the team and this is the year for you. TFC finds new ways to stink, with allowing a goal in the late going a regular feature.
When I arrived home, I checked the Globe and Mail online to see the latest news. I fully expected to read that Coach Paul Mariner had been fired. Why does he still have the job? What progress has the team made under his guidance? What are they waiting for?

One player (Quincy Amarikwa, Mariner traded for him) plays forward for some of the first half and another player (Andrew Weideman, TFC got him from Dallas in the deGuzman deal) plays the second. What was the point? Maicon Santos had more impact on the game in just a handful of minutes than both of the TFC players combined. The former player coming back to haunt you is a returning theme in the TFC nightmare. Playing young guys in attacking roles, just because, is going back to TFC roots. Hello Andrea Lombardo....
DC United seemed to be playing with the strategy that the slightest amount of effort would bring them a victory. They hardly looked like a strong team, but TFC always had them beat in chaos. To describe Toronto as lacking finish around the net would be akin to describing the moon as lacking oxygen.
Could you imagine going out two or three times a month to a restaurant that cooks food the way that TFC plays soccer? Would you continue to dine there year after year?

I remember when Winter, DeKlerk and Mariner were introduced as the new management “team”. It was all about the future, TFC was going to build an academy and young talent was going to flourish. The Ajax system was going to be transferred to Ontario. TFC would find young, local talent and teach them the right way, the dutch way.  I have seen the future and it is not Ajax style, it is guys named Amarikwa, Weideman and Maund.
Although not quite to two years yet, but getting close, what academy products have reached the big time under Mariner? None. In fact we are seeing less of Morgan, Henry and Stinson as time goes on.
I honestly can’t wait to see the jist of the season ticket renewal campaign. How about “Come back, you'll look great surrounded by empty red seats” or “TFC, to get away from it all" or "TFC 2013, this time getting the rebuild right" or "TFC fans, what are you still doing here?".......groan....