Saturday, September 29, 2012

MLS loss #19 - NYRB 4 TFC 1

I have never taken a two-month break from the blog before.  I can’t say I am happy to be back. I thought I could make the effort to blog about these dwindling games in this sunk season. This has easily been the worst season in the short and far from glorious TFC history. I have never felt this annoyed, this pessimistic about the team. They are awful. They stink.  Only a handful of players are likely to be back next year. I will not shed a tear.

TFC were defeated by the New York Red Bulls in New York (well, New Jersey) tonight.  The final score was 4-1. Toronto surprised all by taking an early lead. Ryan Johnson scored a fantastic goal off of a sizzling kick from distance. The game was all downhill from there in Toronto terms. Going downhill seems to the theme for the year.

 Why do the horrible tv camera angles at Red Bull Arena remind me of Giants Stadium? Crappy long shots destroy the game as a television show. I had watched Everton v Southampton earlier in the day and the contrast between the games was painful.

More to come…..