Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Toronto FC 2014 : Defoe and Dero

Winter is a lonely time for a TFC fan.
Day after day you pursue Toronto FC news through the web as the winds howl and the snow falls. Those long, long winter nights match your dark mood of worry and despair. Rumours and echoes of rumours shimmer everywhere. The promise of 2014 and the bold vision of Tim and Tim seem as distant as autumn leaves. TFC fans have been burned before, so I kept the blog quiet and continued to wait.

Today seems to be the day that the bleak midwinter ends and impatience for season 2014 begins.

The word seems to be that De Ro will return to Toronto this week and Jermain Defoe will be brought on board early next week.

Big news indeed. No big is not big enough a word to describe it.

Dwayne De Rosario
If he has anything left in the tank, DeRo has two powers within him. One is the ability to put the ball into the net and the other is to tear the team and fans apart. If he can contribute without needing dollars and glory, if he stays healthy and is content to play a reduced role - this could be a great way to end a career. I hope this

Jermain Defoe
He needs time and luck. A top level player on a top ten team in England lands here and I fear the view of the media and the casual soccer fan in these parts it that he should hit the ground running. Tear the league apart. Too easy to forget that his own team is new to him. Then add the league, the opposition, the refs....

Then while I was writing this, twitter went into overdrive with the rumour that Michael Bradley would be leaving AS Roma for Toronto. I am superstitious about posting about things yet to be confirmed....