Saturday, February 27, 2010

1 victory, 1 Red Bull special in Florida Disney tournament

New York beats Toronto 4-0, this is turning into our version of Groundhog Day.
I truly appreciate TFC streaming video of the Disney World Pro Soccer Classic. The long winter would seem that much longer if these preseason games were not on my computer screen.
However it is difficult to form much in the way of observations from two evenings spent squinting at a group of little red guys playing on a green field. There are a fair amount of players on trial, but your guess is as good as mine on their qualities. After scoring one against Dallas and then blank against NYRB , clearly offensive firepower is still a concern. Oh, so is pretty well everything else.

There is still the Charleston tournament in March to look forward to, or is it squint forward to?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Colorado player heads to Toronto

The TFC pre-season continues to be a time of high hopes with so little to report. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting big moves and big names and somehow adding a second Colorado Rapid does not fit the big bill.
Today Toronto traded a draft pick for Colorado defender Ty Harden (above). I can't deny a need for defenders and if Harden can be part of a new look in the back four (or just move Nick Garcia further down the bench as a depth player) it could be a trade that pays off. Going the other way was TFC's 3rd round pick in the draft next winter, so it is hardly a big risk.
I am hoping that the collective agreement will be settled this weekend and bigger moves are waiting for that impasse to end.