Sunday, September 25, 2016

Muddled attack woes continue TFC 1 Philly Union 1

The frustration level rose steadily throughout Saturday's game. It might only be a just a little higher on a season long timeline, but blogging next morning I remain frustrated. TFC looked as flat as a pancake for the first half and once Philadelphia had a goal, it was TFC unable to be creative, unable to pass 
It's the attack (or lack thereof) that bugs me.  The goal against was a pain (and should have been a lesson for Toronto players who NEVER seem to find that sort of space or take advantage) but TFC bounced back from the three allowed versus New York Red Bulls. Defending seems to be under control.  October and November success needs more than reducing somebody else's opportunities.

The midfield starters were a puzzle. Fine players, each one of them. But when you start Osorio and Bradley in the middle and your wings are covered by Cheyrou and Johnson it is just a matter of time before they are all working in the middle of the pitch. Vanney has tried to hand the wing attack to Morrow and Beitashour...and Morrow did score the TFC goal. It still makes for a mess of a midfield.

As for that final seconds claim for a foul in the box against Jozy Altidore, I did not see the play clearly and I have not watched a replay. I think that the foundation reason for the heated confrontations with ref Ismail Elfath is based on the game in June in Orlando.  It was the last time he officiated a  Toronto FC game. He awarded a last second penalty, "The Beast" had fallen in the box and Kaka won the game on the ensuing penalty kick. TFC players did not think that Moor had fouled then and did feel that Altidore had been fouled.  The yellow card awarded to Altidore for arguing or swearing or abusing the ref is one he should accept proudly.

I am going to continue my campaign to play Michael Bradley as a central defender. Sure, He and Moor are a pairing that might lack in height and size. I think that the height and size argument is why TFC plays a rotation of Erik Zavaletta, Nick Hagglund and Josh Williams paired with Moor in the back) but we are encountering teams that bunker in their  Could Osorio play as a holding midfielder? Could Cheyrou? Could Will Johnson or Marky Deglado? Yes, to everyone of them. 

Now, clobber Orlando.

Jet flyovers seem to put TFC to sleep

Monday, September 19, 2016

Somebody's messing with my route to happy TFC 3 NYRB 3

I want to cheer, I want to feel that this team is building towards both top spot in the East and then playoff success. Instead of cheering, I am just turning down my grumbles to a low level.

I want to be happy with drawing at home against New York Red Bulls, but TFC still have gnawing areas of concern. Yesterday was a game where sloppy defending returned to combine with a muddled midfield. Jozy Altidore provided the skill (two goals) and the rest of the team gutted it out. Ok, the Bradley goal was a quality effort too.
You walked away from the stadium feeling turbulent. Reminded that neither Giovinco nor Ricketts were involved eased the worry. Nobody can accuse them of peaking too early. Osorio is still not taking shots. Delgado had a crummy game. Lovitz and Endoh came into the game as subs and they gave some wing quality to the TFC attack. The new player, Cooper, had a few moments.

Let me get back to the sloppy defending.

NYRB took advantage of a lucky break with their first goal, an own goal put in by Beitashour. I felt that TFC had the better of the early play and that
Then Erik Zavaletta stumbles and gives NYRB a second gift. I might as well throw it in, although the NYRB third goal was the result of some strong play from the guys in crayon yellow and blue, I still felt that Zavaletta lost himself on that goal too. A big step forward, pressuring the ball, would have put Bradley Wright-Phillips offside.

I have a proposal. Play Michael Bradley and Drew Moor as your central defender pairing. I am convinced that Benoit Cheyrou needs playing time. He may have lost a critical step in his defending, but his movement forward and his passing are excellent, maybe better than Bradley's. It is also sentimental of me, I am fairly sure that Cheyrou's contract expires as season end. He must be facing his final weeks in Toronto. Let him contribute. 
TFC get the week off and then face three home games in 8 days. Three victories, please.

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