Monday, September 24, 2007

An End to the Drought; An End to the Playoffs?

An End to the Drought. Cries of joy and relief echoed across BMO field as Toronto FC fans were treated to a fabulous start with a goal-mouth scramble that ended with Canizalez slotting home for his first of the season and the Reds' first in 824 minutes. The sun was shining beautifully and it seemed everything was falling into place. TFC enjoyed good possession early on and the combinations were looking more and more effective as the first half proceeded. However, spurned chances by both Cunningham on a breakaway, as well as a bouncing ball inside the box that was fluffed by an un-marked Edu proved to be costly.

Columbus struck back in the second-half with more dominance in possession but both of the visitors' goals were the result of sloppy man-marking. After the equalizer the fans continued to support the home side but the change in enthusiasm was palpable. It made for great timing as coach Mo Johnson made an unannounced change to the line-up on the field.

Enter The Squirrel. It seemed to have entered the field from the Toronto bench and then proceeded to made a fabulous run down the flank and on several occasions came very near to running between the goal-posts of the Crew. Several of the cheekier fans could be heard to note that the squirrel had better accuracy towards goal than certain of the home team's strikers... In any case, several fans from sections 220 and 221 joined together for a rawkous chant of "Let's go Squir-rel, clap - clap - clapclapclap." This too waned after the away team's 2nd goal, and the game ended in a 2-1 home loss.

Reds fans walked away with smiles though, knowing that the streak is finally over. We got our goal. This poster would like to say thanks to the original blogger for the tix and also to the fab fans of 220 for the friendly welcome. Come on you Reds!!


Mr. CC said...

It was interesting to watch Samuel and Edu off the ball, a luxury which you only get if you're at the game. I know that Samuel has been much maligned, but he does work awful hard when not in posession. Edu seems to be out for a stroll when not near to the play.

arsenalist said...

CC, are you defending Samuel. I don't think anyone's questioning his effort, it's his skill (or lack thereof) that's up for debate. Him firing off from 25 yards knowing fully well he has a chance in hell of scoring is only helping our shot count, nothing else. We're better off if he just passes it off and at least tries to create a better opportunity.

My point is that effort alone doesn't really cut it and I think Samuel could easily stand to be upgraded. As for Edu, yeah, had a bad game.

Mr. CC said...

Ok, after the DC game I take it back about Edu. Seems like being up front (for the first half at least) was good for him.