Friday, January 18, 2008

Draft day results in 5 new players

The 2008 MLS draft is complete and we have 5 rookies to start sizing up. All reports point to Julius James being a talented player and he was expected to be gone when TFC came to their first (9th) pick. So let's hope the mighty Mo's luck at the draft table is continuing. The new players are...
Julius James (pictured) - defender
Pat Phelan - defender
Brian Edwards- goalkeeper
Mike Zahar - defender
Joseph Lapira - striker
Indications are that James and Phelan will be pushing for first team roles. Edwards is hard to figure, is it possible for TFC to have an American keeper on their development roster ? The new roster rules and the Toronto exception has not been made clear. Or maybe they have been, but have avoided my limited understanding. If TFC is allowed 12 Internationals on the roster and some (2?) of them have to be Americans, I think that an American keeper is possible, but a back-up ? Is their a trade in the works ?
Zahar's chances seem small and Lapira is reported to be trying out for teams in the UK. His overseas plans seems to have scared teams and he was expected to have been chosen much earlier. Scoring talent is what you might have expected Mo and the TFC brass to have made a draft priority. Yet no complaints, there were holes at all positions. Perhaps drafting defenders will mean trades to come or signing some offensive players from wherever.

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