Monday, May 12, 2008

Beckham at BMO - 2009...2010....

The news that England has called up Beckham for the upcoming friendlies against the USA and Trinidad means no Becks vs TFC at BMO this year. Of course, TFC could still meet them in the Cup in November, but that won't be at BMO. Also he will be involved in the All-Star game vs West Ham here at BMO, but that won't be against TFC. The stars just don't seem to align.
This is not great PR news, whatever your feelings about his fame and talent, there is no doubt that there is a sense of occasion when he steps onto the field.
It is vindication for MLS that Beckham still gets the call for international duty. He's not as washed up as the critics might have had you believe ? On the other hand, the prestige of an England call-up is not what it used to be. It is a team in the audition stage.

I don't think any TFC fans were dreading the match-up, but now the overconfidence factor has been turned up. Enough of this, there are three big games before we get to LA.

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