Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dynamo 3 Toronto 1

Houston unleashed their goal scoring firepower against Toronto Sunday night and both the weaknesses of TFC's offensive attack and shoddy road game performances were totally exposed.

No surprise when DeRosario ended the first half with a goal on a break off a long pass. DeRo has been overdue for success against Toronto and he was dangerous all night. Houston was always breaking forward with their speedsters, but Sutton and the back four had been holding the fort in the first half, up until that final minute. Then the second half saw Brian Ching score two and it all fell apart. Julius James had his first start, Velez was replaced Marshall at half time and Wynne kept battling until the end.

When TFC was in the game, in the early going, there was extended moments of ball control and intelligent passing. Rohan Ricketts was contributing from all over the midfield. Ricketts did seem to have less to offer in the second half and gave way to Dichio when it was time to throw everything into a comeback. It was great to see Danny D., but why Ricketts is not bringing it for 90 minutes is a concern. Jeff Cunningham continues to confound. He scored the consolation goal, although it was too little, too late.

The Houston announcing team has to be the best local announcers in the MLS (south of the border). Yes, that may be damning with faint praise, but they know the game and know enough about Toronto to allow you to focus on the game instead of hurling things at the tv. Although were they starting to call Jarrod Smith "Brown" in the second half ??
The next chapter of the TFC climb to respectability has to come with new offensive talent. The trade of Pat Phelan last week for the right to add another international player seems to point to offensive talent. The talk surrounding the return of Brian McBride to MLS and the possibility that Mo will be compensated could also end with scoring being added. Next two games are home games. It would be a wonderful time for a debut or two..

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Trout FFC (go McBride) said...

I don't think it was that bad a game, although the defense might prove me wrong. The Cunningham goal was inspired, but would have been better without the defensive lapses. After a number of games, I can't help but think that Rickets is a short term solution.

The Houston tv crew was good, they seemed to have done their research, especially with respect to the Canadian national squad. The "Brown" thing was unfortunate.

Houston was due for a really good match and tonight they had it. To me not overly convincing for a two time champion, but whatever.

I can't help but think D'ro will be in a TFC uni one day.

I still think better things are to come. Obviously some pieces are still missing, judging by tonight's performance.