Friday, July 25, 2008

McBride to Chicago, Barrett to TFC

Millson of the Globe and Mail is reporting that Toronto is about to get Chad Barrett from Chicago Fire in return for Brian McBride. He also suggests that a trade for Cunningham is in discussion.
The word on Barrett is not very positive, but can he miss more chances than Jeff Cunningham has ?? A gamble that most fans are willing to make. Remember too, that Edson Buddle in LA is proof that an underwhelming striker can find his touch with a change of atmosphere. It is a funny, fickle game.

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trout fc said...


I suggest you watch the TFC TV "media scrum" interview with Mo Johnston. He had some really candid things to say there. Also, as I interpreted it, he said that to claim McBride they had to have the salary room to sign him. Therefore other player signings will fall into place when they know what type of money they can use. I think we've got an exciting few weeks ahead. Also, I'm really willing to give Barrett a chance to prove his worth. He has 5 goals this year, what can he do with a creative attacking midfield behind him? And, he's young, more of an upside than say...Jeff Cunningham!

Happy B'day by the way.