Monday, November 24, 2008

On the list

Expansion Draft lists were released today. The draft is on Wednesday.
TFC protected the following .....
Chad Barrett
Jim Brennan
Danny Dichio
Todd Dunivant
Brian Edwards
Amado Guevara
Kevin Harmse
Julius James
Tyrone Marshall
Carl Robinson
Marvell Wynne

Which means the following are available (remember- Seattle are allowed only one player per team, they make 10 picks and there are 14 teams , so there is a chance Toronto will not be chosen from).
Attakora-Gyan, Nana
Elkinson, Kilian
Freeman, Hunter
Gala, Gabe
Gaudet, Derek
Melo, Joey
Ricketts, Rohan
Rosenlund, Tyler
Ruiz, Carlos
Smith, Jarrod
Smith, Johann
Sutton, Greg
Velez, Marco

Trying to find the logic in these choices. Rohan Ricketts and Johann Smith on the available list could indicate either midfield player signings or draft choices on the horizon. Sutton makes sense since Seattle has Keller as their #1 keeper and would not want an International #2. Protecting Brian Edwards makes sense because he would be very useful to Seattle.
Surprises ??
Attakora-Gyan not protected
Tyrone Marshall and Julius James both protected
Danny Dichio protected - Seattle would only take him to trade him back to Toronto


trout said...

I was wondering if he was left unprotected because of his salary. RPB forum reports that he's making somewhere in the 200k range. If that's true then Seattle may shy away beacuse they already have some hefty salary. Count 400 for Freddy and I assume Kasey is going to make a fair chunk of coin too. They may need cheaper contracts to fill out their roster under the cap.

We all know Rohan is a wonderful personality, and a fair to middlin' tv host, but his play was spotty. He had a number of wonderful games and a few where he just disappeared. Does Seattle want to spend 200k for someone an outsider could see as a player who could "blow hot or cold"?

trout said...


Good to see you blogging more regularly. Keep up the good work.