Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow, Mo comes down the chimney and leaves a big gift under the tree !!

Toronto FC pulled off a deal yesterday that easily qualifies as the biggest yet in TFC history. Gone is Julius James, the 2008 first draft pick, and allocation money. Arriving in Toronto is Dwayne DeRosario. He is a four time MLS Cup champ, Larry Millson of the Globe and Mail points out that he is a player who has never missed the playoffs. May this run continue !

Wow. A proven MLS all-star, a hometown hero, a player who can play many spots in the midfield or as striker, a 30 year old who fits into the salary picture, this trade brightens the offseason and the future brilliantly.
This move also sends a message to the fans - "thanks for sticking with us, the club is serious about making the next step". It is only the first big move of the offseason (although resigning Robinson and Dichio and only losing Jarrod Smith to the expansion draft were all important enough). The 2009 draft picks are on the horizon, the DP search continues and Mo agrees that the need for a central defender ( or two, I may add) and a striker. Trader Mo has returned with a passion.

Now if you read the forums and internet chatter, there are some TFC fans who have taken the position that obtaining DeRo was the solution to all problems. I have never been a member of that club. I have seen his qualities in Cup finals, but he has had a couple of nondescript performances here against Toronto and the Canadian Men's World Cup campaign dampened every reputation.
I am thrilled to welcome him to the team, but the midfield remains a work in progress. I remember those afternoons troubled at the way Guevara often acted as though Ricketts did not exist, although this improved as the season wore on. Which of these two does DeRo replace ? Or does Toronto just add him to the midfield and goes with a 4-4-1-1 formation ? It would not surprise me if the draft adds another midfielder or two (unless trades take them away). There is forum chatter saying that Mo is going to sign Keon Daniel from Trinidad, a young midfielder. If these are problems, honestly they are the type you love to have.
Wow, Happy Holidays indeed.

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