Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TFC announces arrival of Adrian Serioux

Today Toronto FC announced the trade with FC Dallas that brings Adrian Serioux to his hometown team. Toronto gives up their first round pick in the 2010 draft and some allocation money for Serioux. A defender who is a MLS veteran as well as a Canadian International, Serioux has been rumoured to be in Toronto's plans for months. It was speculated that he was part of a deal involving a January 09 draft pick since TFC had three. It was the right idea, just the wrong draft.
The TFC offseason overhaul continues with this move as Serioux is the first addition to the back four. Defenders who have departed still numbers three, Tyrone Marshall. Julius James and Todd Dunivant. There are some unfilled roster spots, so continued pre-season signings or trades are probable.

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stillkicking said...

ps Since history repeats, now I look forward to the future game where Julius James gets called for a penalty for a shirt grab on Adrian Serioux when the game seemed to be won by James' team.