Saturday, March 7, 2009

TFC in Carolina -Charleston 1 TFC 2

It is so difficult to be commenting on a game streaming on a webcast, so I will tread carefully. Cheers to TFC for making this show happen, it was a treat to watch the team play after all these cold months.
A few observations.
DeRosario looked great. Clearly he could play striker if need be, but you have to be greedy for the days when he will be bringing the ball forward as a midfielder with striker options ahead of him to exploit. Especially if he is given room to roam. Guevara was able to supply DeRo with balls in hopeful situations all night long. It is hard to make too many long term conclusions on this game as Charleston did play their B team in the second half. My first instinct is to declare that Amado and DeRo showed that they are capable of clicking and working well together.
Stephan Frei looked strong all night, except for diving the wrong way on the pk...
Serioux, picking up a red card, might not have had the most graceful start to a TFC career. DC United had two red carded in the game before, so maybe it was something in the sea air ? I was just not sure of the second foul being yellow worthy, but it was hard to tell. His touch on the ball was impressive in the early going and you can see Wynne getting a lot out of his new sidekick in the new line-up.
Carl Robinson and Jim Brennan both had strong games (although Robinson was more a support part in the second half when he did some time in the backline).
Of course, the video freeze stopped all of us from seeing the Ricketts goal. Overall there had been little shown by Ricketts, Cronin and Barrett. Maybe RR was waiting until the drama was at a peak.
Paul Beirne wrote on the TFC live blog that between 15 -20 TFC games will be on the radio this year. No details of station or staff. This is incredible news. I have often lamented the lack of TFC on the airwaves, especially during the drive home.
Wednesday's game will be against DC United who lost 3-0 to Real Salt Lake in the earlier game. It should be fun.

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