Thursday, August 13, 2009

Velez back to PR and final days for International signings

August 14th is the end of the international transfer window for MLS teams. This would be last chance for TFC to sign a player from overseas and they have already made one move. They signed Lesley Fellinga (23 years old), a Haitian international with a Dutch background. He played for SC Heerenveen last year. The news only mentions that he is a defender, but I think he is actually a left back. At 5-8 and 157 lbs, he would be an unlikely central defender.
There are rumours about Marco Velez going out on a loan back to Puerto Rico, but I'm unsure if that would take him off the roster.
Wait, 24th minute has Puerto Rico news that Marco Velez has been released by Toronto FC and is returning to the Puerto Rico Islanders.
Velez was a useful bench strength player and I was never able to understand those fans who were hyper-critical of him. Sure he made some mistakes that cost TFC games...but he was hardly the weak link in an otherwise strong back four. There were times reading forums where I was convinced that Velez was always the goat and Frei could never be at fault was the opinion of too many.
I wish him all the luck and envy him. I remember that TFC posted videos of the players arriving in Toronto for training camp last Feb. 1 and Marco Velez was one of them. He was smiling and wearing a parka. He will be smiling and not wearing a parka next Feb.1.
With the Fellinga signing, there are two vacant roster spots. If Velez is off the roster- there would be three vacant roster spots.

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