Saturday, September 19, 2009

de Guzman debuts in Hollywood (well, Carson), but Beckham does the shining LA 2 TFC 0

I was just settling down to watch the action and "bam" -Beckham waltzed in to open the scoring while the game was very young. Up until that flurry of LA's, Toronto had looked promising. Julian de Guzman had plenty of time on the ball and he did not look like he was surrounded by strangers.
Toronto highlight of the first half was Gerba's close range shot that LA keeper Ricketts stopped. It was de Guzman who passed to Gerba, but I don't think Gerba got the contact he wanted.
LA always looked lethal on the attack, Beckham hit the post on a shot that had beaten Frei late in the half.
Toronto started the second half with some energy, some pep. Chad put Ali Gerba through and he hit the crossbar. There was a lot of pass with little penetration, the same old TFC story.
Then Beckham to Donovan to Buddle lead to the second LA goal.
I'll try not to get too sour, but it was clear that I was cheering for the second best team tonight. Julian de Guzman showed skills, but faded in the second half, which is understandable. White was put in for Chad and made an effort, but the other subs were a waste, Fellinga and Vitti don't seem to mean scoring chances.
This loss does not kill the playoff hopes, but it does make the uphill climb steeper. At least a point in Chicago next Saturday seems to be the requirement. This road game was not at the level of stinker such as Real Salt Lake or Colorado, but no credit is given when no points are gained.

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The Yorkies said...

Aren't Sunday mornings just peachy when you stay up until 1 AM and have the feeling you blogged harder than half the team played? I bet Chad Barrett had a better night's sleep than us.

Thank God we make the big bucks in the blogging industry huh?