Monday, November 23, 2009

Real Salt Lake take the MLS Cup??

The MLS Cup was won Sunday night by RSL on penalty kicks. Salt Lake and the LA Galaxy were tied 1-1 after extra time. The penalty kicks were dramatic though, crummy way to win or lose I know..
My scattered thoughts shared to bring season 2009 to an end.
- Landon D missed his penalty. So did Edson Buddle. I saw myself as a neutral, but those misses must have sparked some smiles somewhere.
- It was a game of two chapters, LA looked in full flow for the first half and then RSL became stronger as the second half wore on. I think that LA truly missed Dema Kovalenko in the midfield. Beckham ran out of gas in the second half and without Kovalenko in there, RSL began to find room in the middle of the field.
- If you feel that RSL was hardly the better team, that pks at the end make it the slightest of margins, then you can ignore my gut feeling. Yet, the fact that RSL grabbed the 8th playoff spot, a spot that TFC could have had IF they had bothered to show up at Giants Stadium, has me thinking that TFC is not as far off the mark as the 5-0 convinced me in October. A defender, a winger and a striker could make all the difference.
- I can understand the thinking behind the Cup final in Seattle. However the evening start must have hurt the Eastern time zone ratings. Then again, a Salt Lake vs LA final was already going to do that.
- The tv coverage was good enough. My take on N. American announcers vs English ones is that over here they are obsessed with telling you what the future implications are of every bloody thing that happens. Just talk and describe what is happening before you.
- Expansion draft looms. Remember it is possible that no player from TFC will be selected. I am hoping that Philly plays the Mo game and starts trading picks back to the teams they just grabbed them from.

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