Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Joseph Nane traded to Colorado Rapids for 2012 third round pick

Toronto FC traded again today. They sent Nane, the rookie midfielder, to Colorado. I don't know what to make of this. I was impressed enough with Nane that I thought he would stay on as a bench player. Clearly Colorado was impressed enough to trade for him. Only 22, so there is potentially room for growth. 

The 2011 roster is increasing to a maximum of 30 players and Toronto seems to be shrinking. My roster memory goes like this...

3 keepers (Frei, Conway, Kocic)
7 defenders (Attakora, Cann, Harden, Gomez, Gargan, Garcia, Henry)
6 midfielders (DeRo, JDG, Sturgis, Labrocca, Peterson, Sanyang
3 strikers (Santos, Chad, Ibrahim)
That seems to be 19 players. There will be 5 players chosen by Toronto in the college draft. I am not sure of how many will be taken in the re-entry draft. How will TFC get to 30?

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