Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missed this one - How did DeRo look? DC 3 TFC 3

Missed this one. A Muskoka weekend without cable and I forgot to record. When I heard that DC scored first and then Toronto ended with a tie on the road, I thought it was acceptable.
Then the DeRo hat trick and the Iro blame game took to the air.
Never dull in Toronto FC land, never dull.


Franco said...

Game was so badly officiated. The sending off of Hamid seemed harsh. Ball was gone. It was a badly timed challenge more than malicious but the officials set the tone for later in the game. With 10 men for 80+ minutes TFC never looked dominant. Iro was pitiful at the back. He looked bad on his debut and has just got worse. Not sure who Winter got to scout him, Mo Johnston perhaps?? Luckily, the DC substitute goalkeeper was as bad as Iro. He couldn't catch, couldn't punch and looked genuinely rubbish - expect to see him in a TFC jersey soon!! :) The de Guzman goal should never have been allowed. DC were in the middle of making a substitution and the ref waved play on...too funny. The one time JDG actually hits the target with a shot..of course, it helped that everyone was watching the sub run onto the field!! Overall, a really fun game to watch if you weren't a fan of either team....TFC still have a long way to go. Some bizarre substitutions by Winter, as well...

Anonymous said...

While you were gone. Hell froze over, Julian De Guzman scored.

- 220Kid