Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bought and sold, but do new owners see beyond hockey?

Well, we don’t have the Teacher’s Pension Plan to kick around anymore.  The big bad media giants, Bell and Rogers have married and bought MLSE. Now what does this mean for our little TFC? I am hoping for either benign neglect or selling off the team, but not holding my breath for either.  Bizarre billionaires are rare in Canada.  I could get enthused about Belinda Stronach becoming owner of TFC, but that is just me. Maybe the increased role of Larry Tanenbaum is the silver lining to the deal?

Face it, this is a hockey thing and TFC is the afterthought to the afterthought (Raptors). I think that the Rogers side of the ownership will be baseball occupied all summer long and the BCE side will be hockey, hockey, hockey all year round. If CBC manages to lose HNIC to TSN can you imagine how hockey obsessed that sports channel will get?  TSN would rather cover zamboni races than anything soccer related.
So perhaps it is a dream that being owned by media giants will lead to better coverage of TFC.  I can have my dreams….

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Shawn said...

Hey, great blog. It is a good thing we managed to get the DPs in there before Bell and Rogers decided against it.

Who knows, maybe TFC will turn it around and Bell and Rogers will decide to expand BMO to 30,000 seats and promote the hell out of us.

BTW - I'd appreciate it if you could add me to your "TFC Blog World" - I've linked to you from my blog. Thanks.