Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coach WInter and the 7 subs

It good to see the team in action, even though the quality of the streaming picture did not always allow the viewer to identify the players. I think that we fans want the team to look in mid-season form as of yesterday. The prospect of playing LA in a big game only a week from Wednesday might be cause for concern considering that most players looked rusty. Coach Winter does not seem to be concerned with anything beyond giving some game time to the maximum amount of his squad. When Frings scored the tying goal there was no hint of putting short term goals ahead of long term ones. Those seven substitutes were on the field within seconds and it was a chance to squint to see the new faces in camp. Maund seemed to be in the thick of things on the defending side. Cordon and Stinson had some success going forward.
Stefan Frei looked good and kept Toronto in the game.  Frings and Plata had some nice moments.  We are hoping nice moments will abound in the dome.

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