Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can we play them every week? MTL 0 TFC 3

Incredible, unexpected, overdue and overwhelming, Toronto filled the net in the second half in Montreal. They put three past Donovan Ricketts and looked like they owned the place. The Montreal fans sure hated the Toronto treatment. Make that the "incredibly rare in 2012 Toronto treatment".
Although it has taken until the brink of July to see the kind of style and determination that TFC showed us back in March with the two games against LA in the CONCACAF CL, I suppose it is better late than never. Is this progress? Is this a tougher team that has learned from recent games where wins were lost? If TFC continues to rise and thrive, do we credit new manager Paul Mariner or were things set in motion by departed Winter?
Nick Soolsma added the touch of redemption that I was hoping for on Saturday from Luis Silva. Soolsma was solid, never flashy but always finding ways to connect.
Torsten Frings sparked the game, the first goal of the game was also his first scored for Toronto. Whatever was slowing him down on Saturday did not seem evident on my television screen tonight.
Now New York...
Shocked Montreal fans burn down their town.

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Anonymous said...

big men RJ and Koef continue to bring their shooting boots, and i think their finishing is making the difference. we have less shots for, more shots against, and less possession. but the players are more clinical and the coach gets some credit for the psychological piece.

I liked subs Soolsma/Hall (46) and Lambe/Avila (73), although i bet if Hall wasn't injured Soolsma wasn't seeing the field. I didn't like subbing Henry/deGuzman (57). deGuzman shouldn't be coming out when we have a one-goal lead. Henry should be starting, playoffs this year is not realistic but i hope i eat those words. so just play Henry and Emory and build the back line chemistry for next year. meanwhile, get results where possible and build a winning mentality to carry forward to next year.

again starting 3 holders in DeGuzman, Frings and Dunfield. it's working, but it won't be sustainable long term, especially with a congested schedule.