Thursday, April 25, 2013

A cold night's reward for the devoted TFC 2 Montreal 0

Cold temperatures and rain forecasts for a night game in April was designed to keep the crowd small. I was all prepared to take the position that TFC would be better off not proceeding past Montreal in this tournament, but who wants to be on the same side as Cathal Kelly of The Star?

It was a rough first half, play was choppy and passes had mystery destinations. Bekker and Osorio were solid down the middle of the park. Welshman looked neglected in terms of opportunities on the ball, but he seemed to be working on his defensive positioning well. Bostock has to show more hunger I think, he seemed to blend in to a squad of rookies when he should be working to rise above. Montreal seemed just as disconnected as TFC.
Then the second half introduced energy and cohesion to the team. Doneil Henry scored on a rising shot from a "top of the box" distance. Before the tension of protecting a one goal lead could take hold of the area, Silva sent a nice pass through to a breaking Wideman and an excellent low shot had the ball in the net and Montreal deflated.
I am still wary about the away leg in Montreal next week. TFC should play the same squad and let Montreal work for it.

Sparse crowd - cold night, but we stayed dry and had goals to cheer.

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