Saturday, October 19, 2013

Falling apart or coming together? Chicago Fire 1 TFC 0

A good game from TFC's back-up keeper.

A sense of duty brought me to the tube this evening. Chicago was hosting TFC in their last road game of the season. Chicago came into the game in the midst of a playoff battle.  I don't think Toronto has been in a playoff battle since the infamous game at Giants Stadium in 09?

The Toronto starting 11 had a few names of interest. It was great to see Stefan Frei back in net. My intense dislike of the MLS salary cap is the reason that Frei might be in his last days in a TFC uniform. Well, I mean the salary cap is the reason and I dislike it, the cap and using it as a reason to ship out good players. The MLS needs a Larry Bird rule. That is the NBA rule that allows teams to resign veteran players without regard to the salary cap.
Earnshaw and Dike as a striker pairing has been games in coming. The midfielders were Lambe, Bekker, Osorio and Rey. The back four  were Bloom, Caldwell, Henry and Morgan.

Chicago did not put on much of a show. The Fire were playing more as a frustrated team than a team rising to the playoff challenge. TFC were able to defend, but were not getting anything creative. Osorio had an off night. He had moments of hesitation and poor vision when on the ball. I suppose Bekker was playing more of a holding role, but his touch on the ball was consistently rocky.

It was anybody's game and then the ref blew a call and gave the only goal to Chicago in giftwrap. Osorio was the cause of a penalty shot scored by Magee, but it had to be a clear case of ball to hand.

Toronto's midfield looked terrible in the second half, apart from Rey. Coach Nelsen subs off the strikers, but it was the midfield in need of an attitude adjustment. Sorry, but putting on Weideman and Braun is just throwing in the towel.
I think it is fair to say that TFC looks solid in the back and hopeless on the attack. When the passing was inept and the strikers were statues and double covered, I was dreading 2014. TFC is a long way from cohesion. Yet, watching Chicago I was thinking "this is a playoff team?" There did not seem to be a large gap between the teams. The gift penalty call was their margin of victory

So I say farewell to watching TFC games on tv for the 2013 season. One last home game next Saturday against Montreal. See you then.

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