Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Darkest Days behind us now.... Yule 2014

North Pole FC - Shirt sponsored by Mrs. Claus

I am convinced (on very little evidence) that I had druids aplenty in my murky family tree. Few things flatten me as much as the full darkness of evening at 5pm. So I quietly salute the solstice and look upon the festive season as the time-tested way to stir one's spirits for the dark, cold stagger to spring. The months ahead will not be without thoughts of TFC. So stay tuned for a flurry of blog posts...

January will bring TFC fans the Euro transfer window
It will be the time to know
who will come and who will go
The college draft , Jermain Defoe

February will be camp and pre-season games in Florida (and speculation because TFC never seems to have a set squad until Canada Day).

March and April will be the time of an actual team playing actual games - all on the road due to stadium construction.

May will bring actual home games at the swanky BMO Field /National Soccer Stadium (home of your Argos). To lend my energy to the vibe MLSE is going for, I hereby promise to smuggle in a prawn sandwich.

So let me take a moment to wish everyone who reads my blog a happy holiday and a merry festive season. Take a moment to appreciate those close to you. If you are anything like me, you probably spend hours dumbstruck that such wonderful people call you things like husband, dad, uncle, brother or friend. Yule 2014

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