Sunday, March 29, 2015

RSL 2 TFC 1 - a late letdown, but positives aplenty

I think it is fair to observe that most TFC fans tuned into the Sunday night game versus Real Salt Lake with defensive fears once they knew who were starting as the back four (Creavalle, Hagglund, Simonin and Morgan).
Although both RSL goals were taking advantage of shoddy marking, it was not the TFC defensive norm for most of the game.
Toronto had a few first half moments, but they came on stronger in the second half. I need to see some replays of the disallowed Hagglund goal, I missed the foul on the broadcast.
When you consider that Bradley and Altidore were missing on international duty, Caldwell and Perquis (the vet central defending pairing) were injured and Morrow was serving his red card suspension, TFC showed some depth and plenty of battling ability.
Cheyrou and Giovinco were both solid contributors. I am sticking my neck out and predicting that both will score their first TFC goals in Chicago next weekend. Since my neck is out, I am going to look ahead and say TFC wins in Chicago and Philly, draws in Orlando and Dallas. That would give them 11 points prior to playing their first home game in May. Fingers are crossed.

Until then....sorry just too tired for an in-depth analysis. I am feeling that Coach Vanney has the team properly prepped and playing a fluid style. I could see where he was going with his substitutions. They were timely and positive.

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