Sunday, June 7, 2015

Giovinco scores and scores DC United 1 TFC 2

Toronto FC grabbed a road victory Saturday night, their fourth of 2015, by defeating DC United in Washington. DC United still leads the Eastern Conference, but the Toronto win moves them into third spot and Toronto have played 4 less games. TFC have been on this cliff before. Promise and potential and games in hand seems to be the way June always arrives for TFC. There are a many signs that this year they turn from the cliff and begin to fly.

Top Ten Reasons that TFC are playoff bound in 2015 (ok, I miss Letterman)

10. The road victory in DC was without Michael Bradley.
9. Seba Giovinco.
8. Coach Vanney had the confidence in his team to go for a road victory - subbing on Jay Chapman and Jozy Altidore in the late minutes of the game.
7. Defensive strengths continue - a summer signing and a return for Caldwell would not hurt, but Morgan, Morrow, Zavaletta and Perquis held DC scoreless for more than half a game (ignoring the offside goal disallowed).
6. Konopka continues to play as #1 keeper, Joe Bendik has recovered from injury, but it is a positive sign to have two quality keepers battling for the #1 job.
5. Canadian content is brewing nicely - Osorio, Morgan and Chapman all contributing.
4. Jozy Altidore is back from injury
3. Seba Giovinco
2. Seba Giovinco
1. Seba Giovinco

Yesterday is/was quite a football day. The Champions League Final between Barcelona and Juventus was an entertaining spectacle. The Canada Women's World Cup opener was a nail biter. The Lady Canucks played tense and tight, clumsy and sloppy, but the penalty kick winner gave us all reason to hope. Then cap the day off with a TFC win in DC - quite a day...

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Another great post!

Thank you for writing it.

Remember meeting a prophet last summer, who spoke of the coming of an Italian International, would be the coming of a Messiah for TFC?

Best Regards!