Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Giovinco "torn shirt" blues - TFC 1 Chicago FIre 0

Seba mad like Hulk...

You can understand the frustration that Seba Giovinco must feel. He is in a scoring slump and the Toronto injury trend (notably Bradley, Johnson and Altidore) increases the pressure on him to lead the team's attack. Seba tries and tries, but the goals continue to elude him. I would like to see him eliminate his talking to the ref about the grabbing and grappling he must endure. The chatter throws him off of his game.

You can also understand the relief opposing teams must feel to encounter Toronto during this section of the schedule. Double/triple cover Giovinco and dare the remainder of the TFC squad to score against you. Toronto had the Morrow goal early, but you had the sense for too long that Chicago could catch a lucky break at any time and find themselves back in this game.

So TFC fans wake up this morning with a sense of unease. Toronto takes the victory but what the hell is going on with this team? Squeaking out a home win against a Chicago Fire team (that has not had a victory on the road in eons) should not be part of the summer success plan. This team needs a winning streak and an improved goals for stat. Get somebody else scoring and Giovinco will find his place again.

Where would TFC be without Cheyrou? He is forever shutting counter-attacks off of TFC giveaways. Delgado and Osorio seem to be on the road to nowhere when it comes to passing or dribbling. I look at the passing stats the next morning and feel mystified. Their stats look stronger than their contributions feel on the night. I am always thinking that Tsubasa Endoh shows the most movement and promise out there and he is always the first midfielder taken off the field.

I should salute the clean sheet for Alex Bono - the goal of bringing down the TFC goals against column seems to make steady progress even with keeper Irwin injured. 
Looking this unpolished at home makes road victories seem improbable. TFC play Wednesday in Columbus and next weekend in San Jose. Stay tuned.

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