Saturday, August 27, 2016

Top of the East ... (Orlando City 1 Toronto FC 2)

and in contention for the Supporter's Shield (top team in MLS).

I spent most of the day (Thursday, day after the Orlando City game) staring at the standings.

I am usually a fan/blogger who believes that atmosphere and observation, tactics and history all combine to tell the story.

That statistics and number crunching is fine for OPTA and nerdy coaches, but the true lover of footy goes beyond the stats. Goes into the blue sky (as if a cloud) and dreams about the possibilities and surprises that the game provides.

But today those MLS standings have been singing a song.

Top of the East, 6 of 8 remaining games are played in Toronto. The only road games are Montreal and Chicago.

The early Ricketts goal was a lightning bolt, credit to both Giovinco for the throw-in and Ricketts for both speed and finish.

My concerns about TFC as a hardened road team, concerns fuelled by that July night loss in San Jose and the wonky tie in Houston in August, have been evaporated by the Philly and Orlando games.
TFC proved they can dampen down the opponent and Altidore provided the late goal that went missing in those men advantage games.

I look forward to the CNE game Saturday. Bring on Montreal and celebrate what a summer TFC have given us.

The best is yet to be.... (he said hopefully).

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