Sunday, October 16, 2016

Holding pattern - Montreal Impact 2 TFC 2

Nobody can accuse TFC of storming towards season's end and the playoffs. It feels more like meandering towards the playoffs.

TFC continues to lack firepower and inspiration, the same mushy playing style that they have been wading through since the last time they played Montreal. It was good to see Seba Giovinco play a game and look healthy, but he was not the magic elixir that may have been hoped for. Except for two surprising, scrambling in front of the net goals, TFC continues to create little in the way of shots and goals.
Sure, some good things happened. Altidore was back on track with a goal. Ricketts on as a late game sub and providing the game tying goal was fantastic. TFC has spent the year missing a spark from off of the bench. It was great to see that dimension added. 
But it is the same old story as every opponent knows to pack the back and force TFC to pass it around the outskirts.

So the playoff picture for TFC is either they will stay in third or find a way to grab second from NYCFC. Should Toronto defeat Chicago in the last game of the season next weekend AND Columbus draws or defeats NYCFC, TFC would do it. Somehow, I am not going to bet on that happening. Chicago is out of the playoffs, so meeting them for the final game is not ideal. They either fold and provide TFC with false hope or they play spoiler and frustrate TFC.
Now, could you excuse me, I need a nap.

Snooze, you lose (or rather draw against Montreal). Could have been worse.

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