Sunday, August 20, 2017

Make the final.... Chicago Fire 1 Toronto FC 3

seconds from the end

TFC went to Chicago Saturday night.  The Chicago Fire have been Toronto's rival in the standings this season, even sneaking ahead of them recently when TFC had an off night and tied DC United on the road. However Chicago has dropped back since then. They have hit a rough patch and have strung together a few losses.
Still this game had been shaping up for months as the Eastern Conference showdown. A game that would contain playoff position and possibly top of the conference implications.

Toronto emerged with a solid victory, not that it was a solid performance throughout the night.

TFC scored early (Marky Delgado-14th minute). Toronto had enough rough patches (sloppy passing, trying too hard to feed strikers closely marked) to mix in with their long stretches of domination that it was not a terrible, unexpected shock when the Chicago Fire tied the game up (David Accam in the 54th minute, Accam is always a player I fear, although his goal was just converting a rocket of a shot taken by Bastian Schweinsteiger that slammed into the post and bounced into Accam's direction).

Then it was time for a new combo, midfielder and wizard Victor Vazquez and the newest signing Nicolas Hasler. Chicago had just cleared a scoring opportunity and might have relaxed when they needed to press. They gave Vazquez enough time on the ball, Hasler checked his run to stay onside and then went at the right moment. Vazquez's pass was a thing of beauty, Hasler later admitted that it was the first goal he had ever scored with his head. It looked as if Vazquez and Hasler have been playing together for centuries. The delivery of the ball from Vazquez was a wonder, just beyond the defenders, still short of the keeper, Hasler running onto it as it fell. I have watched that replay countless times already. A moment of wizardry.

Chicago had no answer. The Ricketts and Giovinco breakaway goal was the icing on the cake. 

Hear that horrible, loud noise? That is the sound of me kicking myself for not getting to Illinois for this pivotal game. It had been on my wish list all season long.

TFC with the best record in MLS in late August? Pinch me. I must be dreaming.
TFC on a roll as the time to say "Let's go to the Ex" arrives? As a Toronto kid, born and raised, I always circle the home game during the Ex when the schedule comes out. Summer's last hurrah means more to me than my little words can muster today. TFC take on Philadelphia Union Wednesday night. Of course I will be there, with the CNE on I plan to make a day of it...

Why title the blog post "Make the final..."? When you have the legend Vic Rauter call the game, you just have to use his tag line.
-Still Kicking

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