Saturday, July 14, 2007

Becks arrives in LA

Let me share a few things to help you understand my take on the Beckham LA arrival.
I love LA. I am a child of the sixties and California was the pinnacle in my growing, but frozen Canadian mind. Beach Boys and Disney, Hollywood and Johnny Carson, it was the glamour capital of my little world. My uncle and my grandfather moved there in 1959 (it was the job loss due to the cancelling of the Avro Arrow, the Canadian fighter jet that never made it, that sparked the decision to go south). I visited LA twice as a kid and have made sure that my own kids have been there many times. In recent years I tend to visit annually, my next trip down is August. Prior to TFC, the MLS games I have attended have been Galaxy games.
I am also a huge fan of David Beckham. Most of those LA trips have been to be with my uncle as we cheer on England . The land of my ancestors and relatives has broken our hearts at World Cups and Euros for decades now. Yet every new cup means new faith. Every fan has known that certain teams have an individual who has meant everything in recent Cups. Portugal success = Figo success, France success = Zidane success and England success = Beckham success. Beckham is a special talent. No matter how many birthdays he racks up, I would pay money to watch him play
Now I have never been a fan of Manchester United. However I was unable to cheer against them in the Beckham years.
So this arrival seems close to perfect for me. Superstar soccer player from England decides to play for Los Angeles. So throw away your swipes at his glamour and his wife. Forget whether you think he will make a difference to the profile of the game in North America. I am just plain thrilled that he is here and can't wait for the Galaxy game in Toronto.

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