Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Return of Still Kicking

I am back.
First a mbtlfn tip of the hat to those who filled in while I was gone. Thanks Jason and thanks Still Kicking offspring for the great contributions, you put the regular guy (me) to shame. I hope you both enjoyed blogging and hope that I can entice you both to do it again some time. (Still Kicking offspring wrote the Chivas report and Jason took on the DC United game)

Well TFC fanatics, let me warn you. My writing and thinking on all things TFC and MLS will take some time getting back up to speed. My body and my mind took this vacation and it took me off planet football. My travels extended from August 9th to yesterday (August 27th) and included Nevada, California and Arizona. The Arizona portion was the absolute highlight, a 4 day trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I opted for the beginner end (Whitmore Wash to Lake Mead). I was so mesmerized by the journey that I am already saving up for the full journey which starts as Lee's Ferry and would add two weeks at least. I won't ramble on, but I am inspired enough that I may start a Toronto guy can't stop thinking about the Grand Canyon blog.
In closing I would also like to thank TFC for doing the right thing. Knowing I was going to be away for three games, they opted to neither win nor score during my absence so that I would not feel that I missed anything of import. I was touched by the gesture. Thanks. I am back, so you can stop now.

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