Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Refund ??

I am thrilled that the Beckham/Galaxy at Toronto game is spiralling off into the hype stratosphere. Grabbing media attention was part of the package when signing Becks, so it is ok by me to see it pay off.
The Wed. game (Galaxy vs Dallas) did not have Becks in the LA squad and the media reported that there were some complaints from ticket buyers in Dallas. Dallas offered the disgruntled folks a ticket for a future game. A good publicity move, come back unhappy fan and buy some more beer. Was there actually any refunds given in Dallas ?
So now the spotlight turns to the next LA game, here against TFC. TFC issue their press release in anticipation of complaints should Becks not play, that there will be no refunds. Well of course, it almost goes without saying. That is a sign that things are moving off into the hype stratosphere, things that go without saying are said. TFC would have had no future tickets to give to unhappy customers. The season is a sell-out and there is a waiting list for next year.
I think you would have to be a total tool to be oblivious to the popularity of TFC and squawk about not seeing Becks. At least not to the point of wanting a refund. You would be outing yourself to the passionate TFC fans who would love to chant that you are the worst kind of ticket buyer- not out for the team or the game, but the to gawk at the media star. They would love to ban you from ever wearing the red and grey.
I still have the suspicion that Beckham will play on Sunday night. The injury speculation just adds to the aura.

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