Friday, March 28, 2008

Eve of season 2

As I messed around the house trying to pack for the road trip to Columbus tomorrow, I will admit that my thoughts were more practical than sport related. Where is that toothbrush was the central question. Who will play striker tomorrow for TFC did not creep into the considerations.
I will admit that I am nervous. The defeat against Charleston was only days ago. There is a rumbling discontent that Steven Brunt in the Globe and Mail mentioned the other day accurately in his column. What big off season move(s) did TFC produce that we fans can hang our optimism upon ? We hope that we did well in the draft, but every team participated and has the same hopes. We lost Pozniak and O'Brien from the midfield and gained Rosenlund and Harmse. Shall we say that the jury is still out on that exchange.
I may not be blogging from the road so look for my game and trip report on Sunday (unless I luck into a motel in Ohio that has an internet link).
May the sun shine tomorrow and I hope that the travelling sea of red witnesses something worth singing about.....

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