Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kevin Harmse traded to TFC

TFC have traded a 4th round draft pick in 2009 for Kevin Harmse, a Canadian International who is a midfielder. Harmse is a defensive player and is not intended to play the role vacated by Ronnie O'Brien. Harmse was involved in some retaliation/protection of David Beckham when recent friendlies in Australia turned unfriendly. This explains his odd stance in the above pic. If he proves to be a contributing depth player, there is confidence that the next time he is pictured it will be in a more conventional playing pose. I do recall online chatter about Harmse last year, saying he is a West Coast guy (Vancouver) and therefore is not a fan of Toronto. With LA he was probably in heavy competition for his roster spot, so perhaps the greater security , in roster terms, in TFC land will sway his thinking. Then again, in the land of Mo, does anyone have roster confidence ?
With this trade on the heels of the Ronnie departure, Mo has turned the temperature on his hot seat down one notch. I know I am dating myself, but anyone else remember the old TV show called Sports Hotseat ??
The watch on signings to come continues...
Without taking into account factors such as allocation money and salary cap, someone on the U-Sector forum (SweetOwnGoal) figures that there are now four International spots on the TFC roster still available and four Canadian spots too. His calculations do not include later draft choices Brian Edwards, Mike Zahar, Xavier Balc and Jarrod Smith. So a full roster in time for the start of the season is not an unreasonable goal.

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