Wednesday, April 22, 2009

pre-game stuff - tonight Toronto FC vs Chivas USA

A mental checklist that is just personal fan stuff. If you want insight on the line-up or injuries, I am no insider, so expect nothing more than my sincere wishes for Vitti and Velez...
Weather and garb
Getting ready for the first night/home game of the season always involves frequent visits to the Weather Network. I have found setting the location to Toronto Island allows me to be slightly more prepared.
Island forecast After all, we know that the wind is such a factor down by the lakeshore. Last year the cold wet night games allowed TFC to get points in games against DC and NYRB. So I am willing to think, as I have since the schedule came out, that this is a good time to meet a team from Los Angeles.
It is a good thing that my ski season underwear drawer is still on active status. It is going to be a night for layers. Prior to the Columbus trip someone on the Red Patch forum had suggested red ponchos from Canadian Tire as the solution to raingear in TFC red. Sadly, I fell for it and now own a sad pinky red poncho that has a badly sized neck hole. It is more likely to be a seat cover than a poncho tonight.
"You'll always walk alone"
Watching the astounding Liverpool- Arsenal game yesterday had me thinking about the doom and gloom postings on various fan forums in TFC land this week. Even the harshest critic of North American soccer has to admit that mixed with the offensive brilliance was a good supply of MLS worthy clearance attempts.No matter the setbacks, the Liverpool FC fans were willing to back their team. I understand there will always be some venting, some posturing and some folks who will regularly revert to their pet peeves (fire Mo, get grass, fire Carver,MLS is pathetic...) online. Duane Rollins on the 24th minute gets it right today. There are days when I think that based on fan commotion, the nickname for the team should be the "Chicken Littles".
Bad weather will mean that fairweather fans will be far from BMO tonight, or driven off early. It is games like these where the devoted (or deranged) get to declare their true love and allegiance. I thrive on nights like this.
am I Joe Ross ??
I hope to write my blog after the game on the long drive home. Lately I find myself staying away from the fan forums for a day to avoid the after game turmoil. The heat of others is more fun when your own temperature is stable.
I am a huge fan of Joe Ross on the Footy Blog at the Score, but I must write my own post before I read Joe. I feel that his take on so many aspects of TFC games is often damn close to my own (hmm that tarnishes my fandom, doesn't it). If I read him before writing, it discourages me (in the nicest way). It forces me to avoid duplication instead of blurting/blogging out my thoughts. Yet the moment I finish my blog, I read Joe. Let's hope we are remarkably convergent on a victory tonight, on goals from Vitti and Velez.


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