Saturday, April 4, 2009

TFC 0 Seattle 2 - Toronto's plans for a homecoming party completely destroyed

The day after the stinging setback of a home opener for TFC, I have calmed down. It helps that Coach Carver's press conference was blunt and offered no excuses. However the answer to yesterday's performance is not simply slamming the team. If that is all Carver does this week, then the results will remain the same. If it is tactical overhaul (and in the attack TFC were stale yesterday) then shake it up. If it is talent, then make the changes. My fear is that a home and home against the struggling FC Dallas will provide the fans with a rosy picture. Then again faltering against Dallas could be a disaster in the waiting.
Is Seattle that good ?
I came away from the game impressed with Seattle. Remember that Seattle was without their star offensive player, Fredy Montero. It is possible that they are as advertised, the expansion team that plays like a veteran unit. Ljungberg was a step ahead and creative all afternoon. Once they had the lead, there was precious few opportunities given up by SSFC. However Toronto had some second half chances that were countered more by bad luck than strong defending.
Is TFC that bad ?
I think not. The need for a central defender is stronger than ever. I applaud Kevin Harmse's effort and his battling with Nate Jacqua all game. It is a fair argument that both Velez and Harmse are depth players, insurance for when your starter goes down.
Coach Carver made the correct move at half time by substituting Rohan Ricketts. Ricketts was not able to get past his man and this was making the job harder and harder for the remainder of the team. Watching the replay of the Ljungberg goal, none of the defenders had their heads on, but as a coach I would be most livid with Ricketts. He was on Lgungberg's heels at one second and then lets him go. There is no benefit to having a huge numerical advantage in front of your own net if nobody is going to crowd or challenge the attackers. This is soccer 101.
Replacing Chad Barrett with Danny Dichio made sense too, but I am worried about the long term impact on Barrett. It is hard to get into a scoring groove if you feel your playing time shrinking.

Some pillow time has provided perspective. To reveal my deep superstitious side, I am hereby storing the season 3 scarf that is now associated with yesterday's loss. The conditions for it's return has yet to be established. My first thought is a 6 game winning streak.

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TonyStarks said...

Tough loss but the team didn't look good. Shame it had to be the home opener, I was really hoping for more. I'm guessing they'll bounce back next game though.

PS. Nice blog. Glad to see some interest in TFC.