Friday, May 29, 2009

Ola Real Madrid, adios Field Turf??

Big News

Real Madrid to play Toronto FC at BMO Field in August.

Bigger News

A grass field to be placed over the turf for this game (and possibly more games beyond?).

Season ticket holder news

There is speculation that the Real Madrid game will not be the game in your season ticket package. This makes sense financially, the cost of bringing in a big team is huge.

Season ticket holder questions

I have read some of the forums and I am shaking my head at how grumpy some of the fans are about this showcase friendly. I don't know if I am going to this game, but I do not see it as a negative that fans would have to pay for this game.

1 Why express anger at MLSE for needing to charge premium prices for all tickets, it is Real Madrid that is setting the asking price.

2 We all understood that our season tickets included an international friendly, not aware of any claim that the included friendly would be the only one of the year. We can judge the value of the second friendly once we know who TFC is playing.

3 Any publicity is good publicity - playing a big team will be the media highlight of the summer - wonder what the tv situation will we won't know until the tickets have been sold.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is typical MLS bush league all around.

Last year TFC had 9 regulars
missing when we played Chivis in an
important match with the playoffs
just around the corner and MLS would
not reschedule. But they will for a
friendly!(What a joke).Plus the friendly that is included in the season ticket package better be a half decent team or MLSE likely will find out TFC supporters are not willing to sit quietly and take the crap like leaf fans. But I guess with 8,000 on their waiting list they don't care.