Saturday, May 2, 2009

Toronto FC still Columbus victory free- game tied 1-1 in Toronto

Does anyone know the name of a good sports psychologist ?? Toronto looked like a team in need of guidance today.
TFC tied the Columbus Crew 1-1 in a game that was mildly disappointing, notably to those fans who were hoping that the home side could build on their recent two victories. No Toronto player was particularly off their game, but nobody stepped forward and dazzled either. Columbus knew how to frustrate and defend and that was all that was required of them on the road.

Toronto FC has to start avoiding teams that are down on their luck. FC Dallas was off to a rocky start to their 2009 season, but looked strongest in their games against Toronto. Now Columbus Crew have joined the list of teams that shine brightest when facing the Reds. Why does this team rise to play the likes of Chivas USA and fizzle when the visitors have less of a record? Columbus has not won a game yet this year, but TFC has supplied them with two draws (with only one more meeting still ahead in the schedule). The desired psychologist must be an individual that can inspire creativity, flash and a killer instinct.
The heavy rain storm that arrived in time for the game start had the quality of play on the field as soggy as the fans. So you were willing to be patient as all knew the conditions would require an adjustment. The defending unit was more than acceptable and allowing a goal must be understood as something that may have been inevitable after two games without a goal against. The Columbus goal did have some elements of an accident in a pinball factory along with some glaring lapses in defending.
The midfield was out of sorts. Carl Robinson did not have one of his best afternoons. Amado Guevara was also less of a threat on the ball than we have seen of late. Sam Cronin worked out even, his bad pass was at the heart of the Columbus goal, but then the Toronto goal was the result of a Cronin cross.
The forwards were also below standard, neither Vitti, nor Dichio or DeRosario when he came in as a second half sub were able to get TFC to the next level.. Chad Barrett gets a gold star for scoring the Toronto goal and Stephan Frei made some saves that were game savers.

Give me some down time and I will contribute a little more.
At least it was not a defeat.

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Anonymous said...

I almost wish that we would start losing so that I could afford a freakin' Toronto FC ticket. I know that's a little short sighted but I really want to go to one of the games.