Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I never write previews

Good morning. This will not be a preview of tonight's game vs River Plate. Years ago I decided that my blog would stick to game observations, TFC facts such as trades,signings and draft picks and whatever else grabbed my little brain. I leave the previews to other fine people out there. However this non-preview is a warning that the blog will not be commenting much on tonight's friendly. I will not be at the game and my fine friend Trout, who has filled in for me since the RSL game, will not be at the game either.
I write this blog entry from a small village in Somerset, England. I have spent most of July on the Sheep's Head Peninsula in West Cork, Ireland. If TFCtv has some video online tonight - I will watch and blog from that, but the time difference makes it crazy. It will be Thursday morning before I can access anything. If you feel the need to contribute any thoughts on the game- please use the comment section on this entry as I do not know when the game blog will be written. I am in the final days of my journey. Regular blogging will resume shortly. Thanks

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