Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ugly finish in Columbus-Crew 3 TFC 2

I have hesitated for days now when it came to posting this blog. I usually pride myself on timely thoughts on games. Television can give you an altered view of many elements of a game. Things such as tactics, formations, play off the ball and emotional elements such as momentum can be lost in a telecast. So I hold those elements in the forefront of my mind given a few days to cool off. My first reaction, watching Columbus come from behind, was that TFC is going to sink away the summer. That the gutsy elements needed to put opponents away are still lacking for Toronto.
I think that there has been a pattern to TFC and expectations going into a game. When they are a long shot, they can rise to the occasion, but give them an edge and they squander it. Columbus at home is always a tough challenge, but they were missing Chad Marshall, Moreno, Rogers and GBS. Losing this one in injury time has to sting. The question of the week is how does the team respond. Puerto Rico tomorrow will be interesting.

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