Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DC United over TFC in Charleston 1-0

Toronto FC continues to look shaky in South Carolina. TFC played game 2 in the tournament Wednesday evening and DC United beat them 1-0. It is hard to evaluate the shape of the team and the tactics when Amadou Sanyang is being red carded at the 30 minute mark. Toronto has been gathering red cards more than scoring goals in this preseason. Before the sending off Toronto only looked briefly competent at best.
I don't want to let these preseason displays get me down. I understand that TFC 2010 is a work in progress and a new coach (Mr.Preki) will use these Charleston Tournament games to evaluate players. Mr. Preki does not seem to be the type of coach who will fret over preseason results or try to impress the fans back home.
A few nagging questions have to be asked. Why is the team looking more of the Season 1 vintage (remember the goal droughts) than the Season 3 crop that were only one good game short of a playoff spot? Why is the TFC attack still so feeble? Does anyone truly think that some combo of White, Barrett, Ibrahim and "sent packing" Gerba are going to score goals this year?
There are very few players who can claim to have a spot secured on Mr. Preki’s starting squad come Columbus a week from Saturday. I am jumping to a non-MLS strike conclusion when I write that.
DeRosario, DeGuzman Attakora and Frei are the four who have a grip on a spot.
Defenders Harden, Cann and Zamperini all look capable of being on the team, but it is not clear which of them are depth players and which are starters. It is hard to judge Said on the minutes he had tonight.
Shaky describes the team and the fan confidence level with only one preseason game left this Saturday. I was hoping to have a sense of Toronto's starting XI by this point, but I don't think even Mr. Preki knows that tonight.


Anonymous said...

Groundhog Day.

Same as the Charleston match only United managed to score on us.
Two things I'm wishing for now, first that there is a season and second some offense.


Anonymous said...

DC's goal is in this video :