Thursday, March 25, 2010

Farewell Marvell

Today Toronto FC traded Marvell Wynne to Colorado for midfielder Nick Labrocca.

First off, I must salute Marvell Wynne. He was an entertaining player who was a big part of this club for three years. His counter attack bursts of speed were a sight to behold. Sure, his defending positions were often unique and ill-considered, but he relied on his speed to get back on track and it worked most of the time. I wish him all the best. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to playing at high altitude.

This trade has inspired a few questions.
Put your hand up all TFC fans who spent anytime last season coveting players on the Colorado roster. Well, the scoring efficiency of Conor Casey and the speed of Cummings perhaps, but trading for those guys would have involved filling needs in the Toronto roster. Trades like that just don't seem part of the plan and someone has mentioned that there is a plan.
Remind me, didn't Colorado miss out on the playoffs through losing their last game just as TFC did?

Am I the only fan wondering why Mr. Preki took the Toronto coaching job when the Colorado job seems more to his liking. I bet he would love the positive press coverage out there.

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phila_union said...

I do agree with you Marvell Wynne was a very entertaining player, and I think TFC will miss the spark he was capable of providing in games.

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